By Laws, Guidelines and Authorization Forms

NSCGS authorization form    – to be completed when authorizing a substitute gardener to tend a plot for holiday coverage, etc.

NSCGS Bylaws – April 8, 2018

2024 NSCGS Gardeners’ Guidelines

NSCGS Social Membership – January 2015

Annual General Meetings 

NSCGS 2023 AGM Draft Minutes

NSCGS 2022 Working Paper – Income Statement

NSCGS 2022 Working Paper – Balance Sheet

NSCGS 2022 AGM Draft Minutes

NSCGS 2021 EGM Minutes

NSCGS 2021 AGM-.Various Reports            NSCGS-2021-AGM-Minutes

NSCGS 2020 AGM – Various Reports          NSCGS 2020 AGM Minutes

NSCGS 2019 AGM – Various Reports           NSCGS 2019 AGM Minutes

NSCGS 2018 AGM-Various Reports             NSCGS 2018 AGM Minutes

NSCGS 2017 AGM-Various Reports              NSCGS 2017 AGM Minutes

NSCGS 2016 AGM-Various Reports              NSCGS 2016 AGM Minutes

NSCGS 2015 AGM-Various Reports              NSCGS 2015 AGM_Minutes

NSCGS 2014 AGM-VariousReports               NSCGS 2014 AGM Minutes

NSCGS 2013 AGM-VariousReports               NSCGS 2013 AGM Minutes

NSCGS 2012 AGM-VariousReports               NSCGS 2012 AGM Minutes

NSCGS 2011 AGM-VariousReports                NSCGS 2011 AGM Minutes

NSCGS 2010 AGM-VariousReports               NSCGS 2010 AGM Minutes

Job Descriptions

Board Member Positions

CoordinatorJobDescription-revised May’17


Plants to Avoid   – this list of plants are not allowed in the gardens under the invasive plant regulations

DNV- OperationalGuidelines: CommunityGardens

CNV-Community Gardens: Terms of Reference