Leasing a Garden Plot

There is always a demand for community garden plots!  At this time, all available plots are leased, but the garden coordinators maintain a waiting list for residents wishing to obtain a plot as soon as one becomes available, and we encourage you to register your name to allow us to track the ongoing need for community garden spots on the North Shore.  You may register on more than one garden wait list in your area, but you may only lease one plot in the community garden network at any one time.

Each garden is pleased to offer handy capable plots for people who might experience mobility issues, and we ask that you let us know if you would like a plot that provides easier access.  Pricing of plots is based on each plot’s actual square footage with most plots costing between $15.00 and $60.00 annually.  Some gardens have a variety of plot sizes, while others have more consistent plot sizes due to space limitations, but even the smallest plots offer ample room to grow your food and florals!  Should you be offered a plot that wouldn’t be your first choice in a garden, you may take that plot in order to join the garden, and then go on an internal wait list to move to another plot better suited for you when a vacancy arises.   Plots are leased for a one year period, and are renewed each year in March, so newly available plots are allocated in order, to the wait list registrants in March and early April.

If you’re not sure whether you live in the District or the City, please see this map: City of North Vancouver. This is an interactive map, and if you are unsure of where you reside, you simply need to type in your street address, and the map will show you where you are. Zoom out, and the red indicator of your location will show if you are inside the dotted lines in the City of North Vancouver, or outside the dotted lines in the District of North Vancouver.

Once you’ve determined whether you live in the City or the District, the next step is to send an email (links below) to the appropriate garden(s),  for further information or to get on a waiting list for a plot in that garden.garden in bloom

City of North Vancouver Residents

Queen Mary Community Garden: queenmarygarden@gmail.com
Charros Community Garden: charrosgarden@gmail.com
North Vancouver City Hall Community Garden: northvancityhallgarden@gmail.com

District of North Vancouver Residents

Lillooet Park Community Garden: lillooetparkgarden@gmail.com
Lynn Valley Lions Community Garden: lynnvalleylionsgarden@gmail.com
Garibaldi Park Community Garden: garibaldiparkgarden@gmail.com